The Difference Between Depreciation vs Amortisation

In the business world, depreciation and amortisation are critical for keeping careful financial records. Both values are used as part of the EBITDA value, which is a business’ net earnings before depreciation, amortisation and taxes are included.

Australia’s Market Dynamics, Strategies & Insights From Guy Cooper

Business owners and buyers in Australia are finding themselves navigating a market characterised by caution and strategy. Despite the economic challenges and changing market conditions, Guy Cooper, Sales Manager at LINK Gold Coast, reassures that there is no shortage of promising opportunities for those who are ready to adapt and innovate.

Navigating Australia’s Business Landscape: From Challenge to Opportunity

Australia’s current business climate is not without its challenges, and it may even seem like there isn’t a lot to be positive about right now. However, Wim Janssen, Sales Manager of LINK Sunshine Coast & Cairns North Queensland is here to remind business owners and prospective buyers alike that every cloud has a silver lining.

Selling an asset rich business

An asset rich company is one with valuable tangible assets, such as property, plant, equipment, vehicles and inventory. Some businesses tend towards being rich in assets.

The Silent Partner: How Confidentiality Drives Successful Business Sales

Whether you want to retire, pursue new opportunities, or simply cash in on your efforts, the decision to sell your business is significant. Maintaining confidentiality throughout the sale is one of the most essential elements of this process and can have an impact on the transaction’s success. Partnering with a LINK broker ensures that confidentiality is maintained every step of the way, protecting your business’s value, maintaining employee stability, and allowing you to manage the sale process on your terms.

2024 Outlook Positive For Business Transactions

It’s as if Christmas has come early this year, as Marc Janssen, General Manager at LINK Sunshine Coast, expresses excitement about the current state of Australia’s business landscape. The outlook for business buyers & sellers alike is promising, characterised by prominently favourable trends that are playing out daily and projected to extend well into 2024.

What Your Business Needs to Know About Confidentiality Agreements

Whether it’s new products, trade secrets or financial performance, information can be your most valuable business asset. It’s important to protect your business’s advantage over competitors and safeguard confidential information, and one way this is done is with confidentiality agr…

Obtaining Your Landlord’s Consent to Assign a Lease

If you have a business that relies on a particular location, that location may be a big draw in any sale. A business owner who owns the property on which their business is located, can simply include the commercial property as part of the sale. However, for many business owners the commercial proper…

The Role of a Business Value Appraisal

Selling a business is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and consideration. One of the most important elements in this process is conducting a business appraisal. For those of you who are new to this concept, a business appraisal, or business valuation, involves evaluating the economic worth of a company through a comprehensive analysis of its finances, assets, market conditions, and more. Understanding the relevance an appraisal plays in selling a business is essential to ensure a successful and lucrative transaction.