Link Business

Nadia Polzella

Executive Assistant for LINK Melbourne

Phone: +61 3 9819 4211
Mobile: 0451 858 897
Office: Melbourne (formerly KLEMMS)

Nadia joined the Klemms team after completing her VCE studies in 2015. Here she began working in the Commercial Industrial department of Klemms before moving up into her position as Accounts Assistant for Klemms Business Brokers and now continuing her position whilst growing with the LINK Melbourne (formerly Klemms) family.  

Along with the other members of the Operations Team at LINK Melbourne, Nadia has been supporting new LINK Melbourne systems and encouraging an ongoing commitment to the bright future Melbourne has to offer.

Nadia currently enjoys completing a double degree at Deakin University, undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Property & Real Estate particularly focusing on Accounting and Sustainability. She has been able to showcase her skills from university through work-life, whilst using her on-site experience at LINK Melbourne (formerly Klemms) in her university career. She loves absorbing information, enjoys welcoming new opportunities and demonstrating her levels enthusiasm and passion to professional and personal situations. An example of one of Nadia’s largest life passions is for her cat-child, Baby.