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Our databases contains more than 250,000 potential buyers. We invest in local SEM so buyers in your region can quickly find your business via our powerful search engine.
Via ONE.LINK, our broker teams can seamlessly coordinate each sales process, analyse the trends influencing business and conduct detailed research to determine buyer motivations.
You may not know the worth of your business, but our award-winning VALU.LINK tool does, by drawing on global sales data and precise algorithms to provide an accurate appraisal.
Our brokers can bring their knowledge, experience and connections to particular sectors. They understand the challenges of your industry and successfully match buyers with sellers.
Our marketing tools and research have been fine-tuned through decades of effectively marketing businesses for sale: via targeted emails, networking, social media, web and advertising.
Our proven approach to successfully selling any business is based on experience and skilled negotiation. We also measure and inform you of all activity throughout the sales process.
All LINK brokers receive rigorous, industry-leading training. So you get sound, smart advice, supported by real world experience and the highest professional standards.
We're uncompromising in protecting your confidential information, and highly skilled at providing the facts a buyer needs, without disclosing identifying details or alerting competitors.

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How does the negotiation process work?
How long is the business marketed for sale?
How long will it take to sell my business?
What can I do to help sell my business?
What does an Information Memorandum include?
What information do I need to prepare my business for sale?
What is my business worth?
When is the best time to sell my business?


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How Long Will It Take to Sell My Business

Exiting your business is a complicated process but rushing it can be costly. It takes time to find the right buyer and go through the process of finalising the sale. If you're looking to sell, you'll want to know what to expect along the way, and potentially how to speed things along without...

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Normalising Your Accounts

Some business owners love doing their own financial accounting. Others have all their receipts stuffed in shoeboxes under the bed. Unfortunately for the shoebox filers, normalising your accounts is an important step in sale preparation. Normalising doesn’t mean filing your receipts correctly, ...

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Don't Steal From Yourself When Selling Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make in the sale of their business can start years before they decide to sell. It’s slipping into a cash economy. You may think that taking cash from a customer or client and never declaring it is one way to minimise your tax, but in the end, you may...

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Preparing for the Negatives

Your business is your baby. You’ve conceived the idea, turned it into an enterprise, nurtured the fledging, and now you think it can fly on its own, under the guidance of a new owner. Like all proud parents, you may have trouble admitting that your creation is anything less than perfect, but t...

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If You Lose Focus When Selling Your Business...

Just deciding to sell your business can leave you feeling exhausted. This might be why so many business owners find their minds already on Waikiki Beach when the journey to a sale has barely begun.

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Waiting Too Long to Sell Your Business

Business owners who are looking to sell often adopt a wait-and-see approach, which can be risky. Making a sale is not as easy as it appears, of course, but business owners who avoid waiting too long to sell their business may enjoy a more successful outcome.

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Maintaining Confidentiality Throughout the Sale Process

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning to sell your business is not keeping the plan secret. Staff, customers, and sellers have built relationships with you, and many people don't like change. Rumours that ownership is changing hands, can have staff looking for new jobs, sellers ...

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Seeking an Unrealistic Appraisal of Your Business' Value

Pricing is crucial to selling your business. The right price draws in buyers, but the wrong price turns them away. Many owners make the mistake of overpricing their business. An unjustified value can make buyers walk away — for good. And if buyers walk away, your business is sitting on the mar...

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How to Sell A Business Quickly

There are times when a business owner needs to sell their business quickly. This could be due to health or financial reasons, or even a change in circumstances. Most business brokers agree that businesses generally take 6-12 months to sell, but what if you can’t wait that long?

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Read This If You're Planning on Selling Your Business

Whether you’re still considering whether or not to sell your small business or the decision is set in stone, there are several steps to complete along the way before the final signature is written.

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Selling Your Business with a Business Broker

Selling a business is a big deal so finding the right person to help you along the way is crucial.

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Analysing Your Business as an Investment

What’s your business worth to a buyer? Treat your business as an investment and it just might pay off.

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Seven Steps to Prepare Your Business for Sale

If you want to achieve the best outcome, the sale of a business isn’t something that can, or should, happen overnight. In fact, readying your business for sale is something that should take some time and careful preparation, starting a few years out from the sale.

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Who Should Be On Your Sales Team

Selling your business is a big undertaking. You’ve spent many long hours, over months and years, building a successful enterprise. It’s important to be well-compensated for all the time, energy and stress you’ve put in, and that means it’s important to choose the right team t...

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How to Use Your Marketing Budget to Facilitate a Successful Business Sale

Spending resources, time and money on a marketing campaign is critical for a successful sale of your business. Marketing lets you get the word out that your business is for sale and when a campaign is carefully crafted, with a little bit of help from experts, it can end up being wildly successful; r...

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Best Foot Forward. How to Sell Your Business

If you’re going to sell your business for the best price possible, you should present it in the best light.

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Traps to Look for When You Sell the Business

Not all would-be purchasers are created equal and nowhere is this more obvious than when you come to sell the business.

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How and When to Sell a Mature Business

When selling a mature business, it’s important to understand the different opportunities and how they vary from selling a start-up.

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Selling A Childcare Business

It is essential to plan the sale of your business and get your 'house' in order. A meeting with a childcare specialist Broker will guarantee a smooth sales process and achieve the best sales price by preparing your business in advance for the sale by maximising its efficiency, earning potent...

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Selling a Small Business

If you want a decent price for your small business, there is much more to the sale than advertising it on a few websites when you’re ready to get out. Rather, to maximise the selling price of your business, you must begin the sales process much earlier.

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How to sell an online business

One of the most important things to think about before selling any business is to think about the person you’re selling to. Put yourself in the buyer’s seat. It’s well-known that people buy things based on emotion. As the seller, finding a way to appeal to someone’s emotions ...

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How to sell a business fast

Many people believe that financial hardship is the leading factor, but we know it’s not the only reason. These guidelines won’t just help you, the seller, to sell your business swiftly and easily, they’ll also benefit the buyer. It’s a win-win. Let’s start with how you ...

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How to position your business for sale and achieve maximum value

Only about 5 percent of vendors that we work with have properly prepared their business for sale. Most often they come to LINK when they are burnt out, in ill health, or have simply decided it’s time to retire. Here’s a guide on how to and when you should go to market.

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Selling a Start-up

How to maximise the price when selling a business you started from scratch

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Preparing Your Business For Sale - Top Tips From A Broker

You’ve poured your time and energy into growing your business, and it’s likely become one of your most valuable assets.

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Succession Planning for Retirees

Retiring from your business which you have built up for many years can not only be an emotional milestone but also a financial and legal challenge. Getting it right is important for your future well being in retirement, as well as the continuation and growth of your business.

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Key Considerations when Selling a Multi-Divisional SME Business: Break it Up or Sell Whole?

A business with more than one division may generate a better return for the vendor if it is broken up and sold in parts rather than as one complete entity; but, as you may expect, there are many considerations in solving this particular equation - and some of these are briefly discussed below.

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Why Use a Broker? Advantages of Using a Business Broker to Sell Your Business

Like many business owners, you might find it hard using a Business Broker as you are probably used to managing every aspect of your own business. But using a Business Broker has many advantages.

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Maximising the Return on the Sale of Your Business

For many business owners, it’s only when the contract negotiations commence and requisitions or warranties are being sought by a prospective purchaser’s solicitor, that problems inherent in the business are flushed out. 

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