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You have worked tirelessly to establish your business; therefore you want to achieve the greatest return when you sell your business. We at LINK understand business owners who want to sell their business and we have over a decade of experience working with businesses for sale in Australia. “We are the authority on selling businesses”. 

As the leading business brokerage in the Australasia, we strive to connect business sellers with qualified buyers. Our buyer qualifying process ensures that only those who are serious about buying your business have access to your businesses information via a LINK business broker. 

Allowing us to market your business for sale will guarantee the security of sensitive business information, and with LINK’s impeccable track record and industry experience, you can be rest assured that your business is in good hands. 

We partner business sellers with business brokers who specialise in their category of business sales. These categories are as follows:


  • General Business for sale
  • Tourism & Leisure businesses for sale
  • Corporate businesses for sale
  • Franchise businesses for sale
  • Rural businesses for sale
  • Medical Centre / Practice businesses for sale

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Selling a small business

If you want a decent price for your small business, there is much more to the sale than advertising it on a few websites when you’re ready to get out. Rather, to maximise the selling price of your business, you must begin the sales process much earlier.

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How to sell an online business

One of the most important things to think about before selling any business is to think about the person you’re selling to. Put yourself in the buyer’s seat. It’s well-known that people buy things based on emotion. As the seller, finding a way to appeal to someone’s emotions ...

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How to sell a business fast

Many people believe that financial hardship is the leading factor, but we know it’s not the only reason. These guidelines won’t just help you, the seller, to sell your business swiftly and easily, they’ll also benefit the buyer. It’s a win-win. Let’s start with how you ...

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How to position your business for sale and achieve maximum value

Only about 5 percent of vendors that we work with have properly prepared their business for sale. Most often they come to LINK when they are burnt out, in ill health, or have simply decided it’s time to retire. Here’s a guide on how to and when you should go to market.

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Selling a Start-up

How to maximise the price when selling a business you started from scratch

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Key Considerations when Selling a Multi-Divisional SME Business: Break it Up or Sell Whole?

A business with more than one division may generate a better return for the vendor if it is broken up and sold in parts rather than as one complete entity; but, as you may expect, there are many considerations in solving this particular equation - and some of these are briefly discussed below.

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Why Use a Broker? Advantages of Using a Business Broker to Sell Your Business

Like many business owners, you might find it hard using a Business Broker as you are probably used to managing every aspect of your own business. But using a Business Broker has many advantages.

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Succession Planning for Retirees

Written by Sean Wolrige, LINK Corporate Business Broker

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Maximising the Return on the Sale of Your Business

For many business owners, it’s only when the contract negotiations commence and requisitions or warranties are being sought by a prospective purchaser’s solicitor, that problems inherent in the business are flushed out. 

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