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Bridging the gap between Australian business sellers and buyers for well over a decade, the LINK experience has been created to simplify the process of buying a business. Through our easy to navigate online listings, to our experienced business brokers, we cater to all types of business buyers. We strive to make buying a business easy and stress free for the business buyer. With a world class reputation your LINK business broker will step you through the process of buying a business. 

When you buy a business with LINK, there is no cost from LINK to the buyer – fees are funded by the seller.

Our LINK services are tailored to specific industries, as are our brokers. Dealing with an industry specialists ensures you get the best advice based on your specific business


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Questions about buying a business

How are businesses valued?
How can I be advised of any new businesses available as soon as they are listed?
How do I find out about businesses for sale I'm interested in?
How do I know that what I have been told about the business is true?
How much money do I need?
What happens when I find a business for sale I wish to buy?
What initial information do I need to gather?
What is the ideal business?
What type of business broker should I use?
When can I inspect the business?
Why should I pay someone to buy a business when I could start one up?
Why should I use a business broker?


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Buying the Perfect Business

Buying the Perfect Business – Does it Exist and How do I Find it?

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COVID proof businesses. It may be time to reevaluate

Don’t put your life on hold just yet due to this outbreak of COVID. Yes, lockdowns have affected the whole nation; however, there are still great success stories of business growth and businesses making a great impact during these difficult times. If you were in the market to purchase a busine...

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Buyer Demand is Soaring

Even though we find ourselves in and out of lockdown, LINK continues to sell record numbers of businesses. This contrasts strongly with this time last year, when the market slowed down considerably. Back then we had no vaccines and huge uncertainties about where we were headed. This time around, thi...

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Is Hospitality Right for Me

Is Hospitality Right for Me?

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Tips for a Great Start When Buying a Business

You did your due diligence, closed the deal, and now you're in the hot seat! Where to from here?

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Handy Checklist for When You're Buying a Business

Buying a Business? Here’s a Handy Checklist

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Hottest Businesses to Buy Right Now in the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is currently one of the hottest places to do business. It’s the third most populated area in Queensland and expected to grow 2.5 percent annually through to 2026. It has a Gross Regional Product of more than $16 billion and an average annual growth rate of 4 percent. This ou...

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Hottest Businesses to Buy Right Now in Melbourne

Melbourne’s star is on the rise. It’s been at or near the top of the list of the most liveable cities in the world for years and is set to be the biggest city in Australia by 2030. Victoria is worth 24 percent of Australia’s GDP and the population is growing, which is why Melbourne...

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How to Find the Perfect Business to Buy

As business brokers, we like to believe that there is a buyer for every business, if it makes a profit. How long it would take to find a buyer and how much they are prepared to pay for it depends entirely on how the business is presented, how the business is marketed and how the business is valued. ...

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Questions You Need to Ask Before You Buy a Business

If you’re thinking of buying a business, it’s important to do your due diligence.

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Why It's Smarter to Invest in Business Rather Than Property

Any type of investment is a risk, but there are some more favourable than others. There are two main types of investments to consider: business investments and property investments. Business investments are considered a more favourable option over property investments for several reasons.

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Benefits of Buying an Online Home Based Business

The spread of the internet has made online, home-based businesses a very attractive option for new business owners. In fact, home-based businesses are currently the fastest growing form of business start-up.

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Must Know Rules to Buy a Business in Australia

Are you looking to buy a business? Australia is somewhat infamous for having a long list of rules and regulations regarding business investing. Although it can be frustrating—and sometimes difficult to keep pace—these laws are ultimately there to keep everyone safe and maintain a high st...

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Advantages of Buying an Established Bar or Night Club Compared to Building One From Scratch

Many of us have dreamt of owning our own bar, club or restaurant. In reality, only the brave will take the leap and make it happen.  

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Is It Easier to Start a Business or to Buy One

Whether you want to start a business or buy one, there are pros and cons for each approach.

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Choosing the Best Business to Buy

Looking for a business to buy? Here’s how to decide if an opportunity is right for you, and how to secure the best deal possible.

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How to Buy an Investment Business in Australia

Are you an overseas investor who wants to buy an investment business in Australia? Follow this six-step guide.

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Purchasing a GP practice - Why conditions are favourable now for buyers

Whether individuals are considering purchasing an established practice or starting one from scratch, the current economic climate is trending toward one that’s favourable for buyers. The demand is high for quality GPs and specialists throughout Australia, and making the decision to purchase a ...

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Where to sell a business quickly

You’ve invested thousands of hours into your business. You’ve worked weekends and evenings, overcome countless staffing and financial challenges, and haven’t taken a holiday in years. Now, whether due to retirement, illness or favourable economic conditions, you’re ready to s...

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Where to buy a business

Here’s one vital piece of advice for those wondering where to buy a business: cheap doesn't mean a bargain. Likewise, even great return on investment doesn't necessarily mean a bargain. It all comes down to the buyers and their specific needs.

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Three “Golden Rules” When You Want to Buy a Business

Most people start the process by looking at what’s for sale on commercial websites. We suggest taking a few steps back to start with and get a better understanding about a few key matters before you start your search. It will save you a lot of time, ensure you don’t miss out on the right...

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Where do I go to find real businesses for sale?

The best way to achieve a successful outcome is to ensure that a business is sellable. LINK is only paid on the successful completion of a sale, so we need to make sure our vendor is a serious committed seller. Many of our business have had already been valued by our team prior to market and our bro...

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Getting Business Structure Right

Business ownership is an exciting journey, and it is always wonderful to see people taking the leap for the first time into owning their own business, whether starting from scratch, going into a franchise, or purchasing an established business.

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Are you Getting Value for Your Money? Do Your Due Diligence

Some aspects of a business are more valuable than others. There are some aspects that you simply can’t live without. For example, whilst an owner of a café can easily replace a coffee machine if it fails, it may not be as easy to replace the taste of their particular coffee blend, which...

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Buying or Selling Businesses: Price & Value

When buying or selling a business usually the first thing on the vendor or the purchaser’s mind is the price. That is, what is the value of the business and what should the price be?  The value of a business is made up of different components which can each be managed to maximise the va...

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Should Your Company be on the Acquisition Trail? Part One

Should your company be on the acquisition trail? Written by Mark Ostryn, Mergers & Acquisitions Facilitator, LINK Sydney

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