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Sally Stuart

Business Sales Specialist
Office: NSW


Contractor Details: Health Business Sales Pty Ltd | Lic No: 10083963

Sally Stuart commenced her career with LINK after working with medical doctors from a sales and recruitment perspective for more than a decade. After selling GP, Dental, Allied Health, Aged Care and NDIS businesses for the last 9 years, she is well versed in understanding the intricacies involves in a sale. Sally can be your sales 'ringleader' when you are ready to transition to the next stage in your professional career, be that retirement or the acquisition of a super clinic! 

It might be that you are just thinking about selling, so now is the right time to discuss a plan and strategize together to make a plan you feel comfortable with in order to get your clinic 'sales ready'. 

The sale of a clinic require many steps including but not limited to contract negotiations, buyer registration and compliance, financial statement interpretation, site visit co-ordination, state compliance, legal liaison, deposit management, and multi-party communications so if you can see the value in getting a non-emotionally involved 3rd party broker to assist you traverse your way through this potential mine-field of steps, please reach out to Sally today on any of the numbers above. 

Based in Sydney and most recently trained with the Australian Institute of Business Brokers, Sally can assist you to sell your business quicker and for a better rate than potentially you thought possible. Be assured of getting the best one-on-one service from this broker with the company support of LINK Business behind her!

2021 – AIBB NSW Specialist Broker Of The Year

2020 – Chairman's Club Member

2018/2019   – AIBB NSW Specialist Broker Of The Year

2018/2019 – LINK International Rising Star

2017/2018 – LINK International Rising Star

2016/2017 – AIBB Rookie Business Broker of the Year – Runner Up 


Sally Stuart stands tall amongst her peers as a Specialist Healthcare Business Broker. I chose to deal with Sally for the sale of my healthcare business as I have been corresponding with her for quite a while and she demonstrated commensurate knowledge on the sale and contacts of healthcare businesses. I have now sold my business with Sally's expertise and am happy to endorse her services.


Sally was very professional in our purchase of a new business

She kept both parties interested and facilitated the deal at a very good price

Her communication was prompt

We are very pleased with recommending Sally and hope to do future business with her

-Charlie Vella


Sally help with the selling of my Medical Practice: "Newcastle Medical Family Doctors- Edgeworth".

I felt well supported during the selling process. She introduced me to few potential clients. Provided me with professional advice. I was able to select the wright buyer without pressure.

I am happy with the outcome.

I do recommend Sally as  Health Business broker.


From the moment I took the sale of my business and building to Sally, she has not hesitated to ‘give her all’ to this process. She has tried to understand all facilities of my business and has done so since the first conversation. She has steamroller ahead and supported us whilst we have been emotionally attached to the sale of ’our baby’ and been available for me 24/7 as and when required. She has been available to me should I have need of her any time of the day or night. I get emails from her at all hours of the day and night; she is devoted to her job which is a rare find these days. No time is a problem for Sally Stuart and she is always pleasant and helpful with her support. She understands the medical business and I would recommend her whole heartedly to any buyer or vendor in the medical sector….!



Dear Sally

Highly appreciate your prompt service and friendly visit. Thank you.



Hello Sally 

Trust you are well! Just wanted to give feedback re your dealing with clients. 

Irrespective of whether the business deal goes ahead or not with Dr F, I have to admit that you have been one of the promptest business broker I have met so far .

I have dealt with so many agents and unfortunately the experience has not been that great. You are clear , proactive and respond which is one of the best skills any broker can have .

Have a lovely day




Thank you Sally for all your help and support… just reached home … it was a busy weekend! Had never thought of reaching this far but with well wishing friends like you anything is possible. Thank you once again and congratulations 🥳 on another Business sale! Dr GB


Dear Sally

I want to thank you for selling my practice

I want to thank you for being optimistic from the very beginning, for always being available during the difficult negotiations, for the planning & execution of the sale.

Thank you for solving the problems that arose with the negotiations & providing solutions to the party's differences.

Thank you for being so pleasant to deal with.

With many thanks

Dr Steve Levett


Thanks for keeping us in mind regarding this (opportunity). Put in an offer on the Fruit & Veg Shop yesterday and received an acceptance today. Can’t thank you enough for all your help!! You’ve truly been remarkable, and I truly appreciate it.



We recently bought a medical centre with Sally’s support and are thankful that she was a ‘partner’ throughout this process. Whilst working for the vendor of the practice, Sally was very mindful of our current situation (we had not long ago had a multiple birth) and gave us prompting as and when required to encourage us into making this initial step into business ownership.

She knew that we were an ideal match with the vendors before we did and encouraged further discussions and site visits along the way in order to allay any fears and concerns that we had. We initially enquired about this business in Nov 2018 and settled June 2019. Whilst this was a lengthy time to maintain and undertake negotiations and due diligence, Sally was always available to chat from 7.30am in the morning in the car to work or after work and over the weekend too when she showed us through the practice.

We considered other practices through other agents and then discussed the pro’s and cons with Sally. We got a balanced feedback from her, which was potentially a result of her being a specialist sales agent in the medical sector with years of experiences selling medical centres.

I would highly recommend Sally to any of my colleagues thinking to sell their business or looking to buy. We are hoping to stay in touch so that when my wife and I are ready to buy our next practice, Sally will be able to support us again throughout the sales process

Kind Regards,



Hi Sally,

I would like to thank you for an excellent service you gave me during the sale of the "unsalable" medical practice.

Your timely response to all my questions and guidance is much appreciated.

I have no reservation in recommending you to anyone who has a hard to sell practice.

Yours truly

Dr. P.S.


Hi Sally,

I wanted to thank you very much for assisting and instigating the sale. I do realise that if I had been more patient I would have received more money, but I am happy with the outcome. After all, there is never a guarantee that the "what ifs" will happen.

When one considers the fact that a lot of Doctors don't operate their Practices as a "business", then it's hard to expect any good return financially on a sale. In other words, generally we have been led to believe that goodwill is worth very little.

You have restored my belief that a business that has an ongoing future is worth a significant amount financially.

Anyhow, I need to tell you that your services to me have been super and I have found you to be a delightful agent. 

Thank you again for being so friendly and understanding.

I will not hesitate in recommending your business to other Professionals who may want to investigate the sale of their businesses.

Kind regards,



Dear Sally

Thank you so much in helping me out, all the way through, towards the acquisition of my practice in Northmead. Without your ongoing support, reassurance and advice at different stages of this long process, it would have been so much more difficult for me to handle things well. You have been a great liaising person and have always promptly answered all of my queries as well as provided me with lots of alternatives/suggestions just in case one option did not work out.

I am simply amazed by the speed of your responses, whether by phone, sms or email, daytime or evening time, weekdays or weekends! In addition to your honesty & superb reliability, your excellent work ethics have been, and will surely be of utmost benefit to doctors like myself wanting to establish themselves in life. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. Please do keep it up!!!

Dr R (GP Clinic Purchaser)


Dear Sally,

I was so delighted with the result that Sally was able to achieve for me in the sale of my business. We only listed with her at the end of April and our settlement was mid Sept so whilst she had told me it would take about 6 months, we over delivered on this! Confidentiality was maintained at all times with site visits scheduled at mutually convenient times to avoid arousing suspicion with the other practitioners or the patients.

There were 21 buyers introduced to my business; all of which were asked to sign confidentiality agreements before Sally shared anything with them. My buyer was not local and site visits took place after flights and scheduled were confirmed and calendar invites sent by Sally. Even in my absence whilst I was overseas, Sally continued to liaise with my daughters in my absence to move the sale along. In order to allow me to keep working in the clinic, she took care of all of the communications with the purchaser as well as his lawyer, my lawyer and the landlords lawyer.

Sally is the broker you want to engage in the sale of your health practice. She is knowledgeable, available, and communicative. Whether it was during the week, in the evenings or even across the weekends, Sally picked up the phone whenever I called her and followed up as soon as possible afterwards to get each step completed. I have been working with Sally in regards to buying and selling properties for years and I can say, that at the end of this process, we are firmer friends after settlement than we were before; a true testament to a job well done!

Dr N (GP Clinic Vendor)