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Sell Your Business in North Queensland

Northern Queensland is known for its tropical climate and geography enveloped by rainforest and fringed by reefs. It has a population of 231,628 with Townsville being the largest urban area. The Mackay Harbor and the Burdekin region are North Queensland’s major producers and exporters of sugar and they also produce the most sugar in all of Australia. 

The region is famous for Great Barrier Reef. The reef is a breathtaking, spectacular habitat of some of the most diverse collection of marine wildlife. With hundreds of destinations to see around Northern Queensland, tourists and locals alike can easily enjoy a tropical journey that’s unrivalled in the world. 

Thinking of selling your business? 

There are many thriving businesses in North Queensland. Is your business one of them? If it's time for your to sell, the first step is to get your documents in order. This means providing accurate financial statements for the last three years, current balance sheet, tax return statements and inventory list.

Business brokers can guide you through the entire process of selling your business. They are tasked with advertising the business, screening potential buyers and completing the sale.

Make sure that the brokers you hire are qualified. There’s no bigger waste of time than working with a broker who is not the right fit for your industry. Ideally, you will want to interview multiple brokers to ensure that you're working with the best person for the job. 

Is it time to sell your business in North Queensland? 

Unsure of how to sell your business in North Queensland? Get in touch with a LINK business broker in North Queensland today to see how we can help. LINK brokers are highly trained and have decades of experience providing clients with quality service. 

Speak to one of our brokers today and get confidential advice on the sale of your business.