Link Business

Susan Dabab

Finance Manager

Phone: +61 3 9819 4211
Office: Melbourne

Susan began her journey with LINK Melbourne (formerly Klemms) as a 2 week temp over 29 years ago. Ask Susan 29 years ago and she would have never believed you if you told her full time job would be about numbers, yet she grew very fast into her role as the Financial Officer of the company.

As the Financial Officer, Susan’s role consists of, but is not limited to: reconciliations, trust accounts, account sales, commission statements, ATO, BLA, CBA, REIV, AIBB, accounts receivable, payable, payroll and HR. It is safe to safe say that no two days are the same here for Susan.

Susan’s greatest field challenge has been the transition between the longest serving business brokerage firm (Klemms) and the largest business brokerage firm (LINK). It has tested her knowledge and experience and although it is still a working progress, it has proved to be successful so far.

During her time working she balanced not only a University degree but raising three very intelligent children, two of whom have continued on and followed in her footsteps of completing University Degrees.

Outside her busy bee schedule, you will find Susan hanging out with her children, hosting and attending family BBQ’s and socialising with her family and friends.

Susan is very excited about the future of LINK Melbourne (formerly Klemms) and happy to be part of an amazing team of professionals.