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Lavinia Ming

Chinese Marketing Assistant

Phone: + 61 2 9899 2010
Mobile: +61 2 9899 1999
Office: Sydney

Lavinia has five years’ experience of working as a software and mobile testing engineer and contributed for three international telecommunication companies in Beijing. Since moving in Australia in 2010, Lavinia began her new career in the business field. From running self-management online store for three years, to entering a retail store to improve business knowledge. She fully understands the characteristics of local and Asian cultures and the consumer psychology of buyers and sellers.

Appropriate marketing promotion can help business operates more efficiently. Lavinia has built up her own understanding in business field and started her second major Bachelor of Marketing in Macquarie University.

Life is an exploration; the wonderful thing is to discover your unlimited potential. Sprit of exploring brings infinite inspiration for Lavinia’s marketing career.

Changing is the unchanging truth of the world, even for business and marketing.