Link Business

Chesca Abando‒Alcantara

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Office: Sydney

Born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines. Chesca studied Culinary Arts and Food Technology. Growing up in a home with marketing influence as her parents work in advertising, media and marketing, she wanted to pursue marketing since her early 20's.  She loves marketing and even without a major marketing degree she learns by attending courses just like the social media short course she finished and learns from her peers. 

She used to work in the contact center business process Industry and even worked with companies like TPG and Suncorp. She then ventured into having a travel business where in she ran social media, travel packages, business development and consultancy in the hotel and restaurant industry in the Philippines and worked as a virtual assistant for social media for Amazon Clients, plus handled marketing for a growing milk tea & coffee shop franchising firm in her country before joining LINK. 

Chesca loves anything about water like the beaches, lakes and swimming pools. She surfs, free dives, swims and snorkels during her free time.  She also loves exploring different coffee shops and restaurants and she makes hotels, restaurant. and lifestyle reviews on her Facebook Page and to top it all she also likes to volunteer in non-profit organisations helping impoverished kids and the elderly, and dreams of owning her own NGO one day.