Link Business

Carla Watson

Brand Designer

Phone: +64 9 393 9523
Mobile: +64 22 108 2234
Office: Franchisor (International Head Office)

Carla graduated as a graphic designer in 2002, she worked in the industry for 6 years, before heading to London in 2008. While in London, she enjoyed a break from design, and the joys of traveling Europe. Carla reflects that it was this break, that allowed her passion for design to resurface.

Carla joined LINK in 2011 as a receptionist, she was also charged with designing the company magazine, and other advertising material. As the company grew, so did the design role, and Carla was eventually promoted to Marketing Manager. She worked in this role for almost 2 years, before leaving to go on maternity leave. After the arrival of her first child, Carla began contracting back to LINK. She now works in a part-time capacity, enjoying the balance and flexibility that the role offers.

Carla has three children, very close together in age, she is an active and busy Mum. Sporty and fit, she is about to compete in her first half marathon, and hopes to one day, get back into playing soccer.