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Why is Now the Best Time to Sell Your Business

Timing is key in achieving your maximum business value – and now is an extraordinary time to sell a business in Australia. Buyer demand is insatiable for profitable businesses that are appropriately priced. Get ahead of the curve and sell in the strongest market in memory.

I'm Considering Selling My Business, Where Do I Begin?

There are many elements to selling a business and the extent or amount of these elements vary greatly depending on the type of business in question. It's wise to think of selling your business as a process rather than a one off event. 

Three Flavours of a Motel Business

Motels are a great investment opportunity if you pick one that suit your situation. To choose the right business you need to understand the three flavours of motel businesses.

Are You a Baby Boomer Planning on Selling Your Business?

The 'Baby Boomer Tsunami' - With 80% of SME's owned by Baby Boomers, most are not adequately preparing to be able sell their businesses at a profit and retire comfortably.

Best Practice for Preparing Your Business for Sale

There is only one activity that potentially can be more stressful than starting and running a business for a number of years, and that is selling it.

Thinking of Selling Your Business?

Thinking of selling your business? There are a number of key areas to consider in this process to achieve a commercially desirable outcome whilst establishing sufficient safeguards for yourself as a vendor.

Business Succession - A Legacy Priority

A business founder’s plan for succession is the key to his lasting legacy. It is not a nice to have, it is a NEED to have. Business succession gains ever more importance as the baby boomer generation, the founders of the vast majority of businesses today, edge closer to retirement. They have b...

What Makes a Good Leader?

What Makes a Good Leader?  "Everyone who has run a business has experienced the ongoing challenges ..."  Find out the Top 6 points that make a good leader and many other articles in this issue of Business Broker. There are over 200 businesses for sale and many over $1 million.&nb...

Business Valuations and Appraisals

The buyer has to be comfortable that they are getting value for money. If they find that things are not as they expected, they will usually have the option of terminating the contract under the due diligence provision in their contract.

10 Critical Steps to Negotiating a Better Deal

In this edition of Business Broker you will find 10 Critical Steps to Negotiating a Better Deal and Part 2 The Key to Marketing, creating a powerful offer. These stories and more as well as over 200 businesses for sale. 

Authoritarian or Participative Management Style?

Discover your Management Style and how to Make your Marketing Really Work. The newest Business Broker Magazine has these and many more articles as well as  hundreds of businesses for sale. 

Leadership - Is it Learnable?

Hundreds of businesses for sale plus industry articles including Leadership – Is it Charisma or a Learnable Skill set? Capital Gains Tax Implications upon the sale of a small business, and many others.

Finding a Frog to Kiss

900+ Business for sale plus industry articles from Finding a Frog to Kiss to Buyers Bootcamp

Foundation for Business Growth

Explore the pathways and foundations to business growth. Growth can be challenging and is most often uncertain, particularly if the funds for growth are directed towards gaining market share organically.

Selling a Secret

So how do we overcome this paradox and identify genuinely qualified buyers while not exposing the identity of the businesses we sell?