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Tasmania Investment Opportunities

Tasmania is the smallest of Australian states, but that doesn’t mean it has less to offer. In fact, when it comes to investment, Tasmania offers a great business environment and plenty of opportunities while giving investors an enviable lifestyle in a landscape that attracts tourists from around the world.

If you’re interested in that rare, perfect mix of environment, growth and lifestyle, here’s what you need to know about business in Tasmania.


For those wishing to invest in Tasmania, the lifestyle may be the most obvious drawcard. Tasmania has a pristine environment that continues to draw visitors to the island state. Tasmanians get to enjoy the clean air, mild climate, beautiful beaches and ancient forests all year round.

But Tasmania has much more to offer. The small state is only 294 kilometres long and 196 kilometres wide, meaning you can easily explore all the state has to offer. It also contributes to low commute times, with Tasmanians averaging only 18 minutes getting to and from work, leaving more time for the things you’re passionate about, including family and friends.

Tasmania has a low cost of living, with affordable housing, education and health care. This means you can have a great lifestyle without working all hours of the day to maintain it. Add in world-class food, cultural festivals and an amazing urban environment, Tasmania has everything you could want in a home without the stress of big-city living.

Business Environment

It’s not just Tasmania’s natural environment that’s attractive; Tasmania has an enviable business environment as well. The Tasmanian government works hard to support new investments and enterprises in the state, and the Department of State Growth lists numerous grants and funding opportunities to help those wishing to invest in Tasmania. The government also offers free mentoring and business advice through the Enterprise Centres Tasmania network, and a Red Tape Reduction Coordinator to help reduce impediments to business.

Tasmanian businesses also benefit from low labour costs and a stable workforce. Affordable housing carries over into other property, and investors will find that business premises also cost less than on the mainland. Tasmania produces 90 per cent of its energy from clean, renewable resources, lowering energy costs and allowing businesses to market their green credentials to customers.

The small distances involved in Tasmanian transport mean that no matter what area of the state your business is in, your product can reach export centres quickly. Hobart is home to the Derwent Harbour, the second deepest natural harbour in the world, as well as an airport with access to international markets. Hobart is also one of five global gateways to Antarctica, providing a home base for a number of Antarctic expedition and research programs.


If you’re interested in investing in Tasmania, there are a number of attractive business opportunities, starting with tourism. The tourism industry employs one in every six Tasmanians, either directly or indirectly, and it continues to grow. Mainland Australians visit the natural wonders of Tasmania and international visitors are discovering the island. Cruise ships are making Hobart a regular stop, and tourists from the Asian market are ready to explore. The Tasmanian Government offers a number of grants specific to tourism and regularly invites Expressions of Interest for operations on national parks.

Known as Australia’s Apple Isle, Tasmania produces far more than just apples. The food and agriculture industry includes dairy, aquaculture, viticulture and produce. The stable environment and reliable rainfall allow for a dependable supply of produce to mainland Australia and the world. Tasmania is also becoming known for wines and whiskey. Restaurateurs find plenty of fresh produce to inspire their menus and food tourism continues to have growth potential.

There are also plenty of opportunities in science research, precision manufacturing and the natural resource industry, with mining and forestry remaining reliable growth industries in the state.

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of growth opportunities, a favourable business environment and the sort of lifestyle most people dream of, Tasmania is the perfect place to end your search.

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