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Preparing your Business for Sale Using a Business Broker

Considering selling your business but not sure where to start? Our approach will give you tips on the best time to sell and how to get the most money for your business.

When should I sell my business?

One of the major factors which must be determined is how marketable your business is. You will greatly benefit from our knowledge and experience in this area. We may recommend that you wait until a better time to sell or that you improve certain parts of the business before putting it on the market. These elements can increase the value of your business.

Firstly we will meet with you to determine how much needs to be done before your business can be put up for sale. You must accurately present the information about your business so that potential customers can be made more aware of what you’re offering.

Should I use a business broker?

If you decide to use a business brokerage you should take into account these queries:

1. I understand that the primary responsibility of the company is selling businesses. Do you specialise in any other areas such as add-ons to real estate operations?
2. Are there any brokers in the business who are practiced in your industry? Does the business get results?
3. What kind of results have they had in terms of business sales?
4. Do you provide a service that is both professional and ethical?

Using a business broker can relieve you of extra tasks such as handling calls, authorising all prospective buyers and dealing with issues such as honesty and inadequate funds. A personal sale can prove to be more difficult as it is harder to keep private. Snippets of information often leak out to your staff, customers and suppliers when you are in personal contact with buyers.

LINK can be your business broker.

We have compiled a database of certified buyers who are waiting to purchase businesses. Some are waiting for specific businesses whereas others are always on the lookout for a good business opportunity. Once deemed as serious buyers, we provide them with information about your business. This means that in many cases you can avoid costly marketing campaigns, and swiftly sell your business to the right buyer.