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Mark Jason By-line Article

Article written by Joanne Stratmoen

Onwards and Upwards

The business brokerage industry has had to face some tough challenges in recent years and no-one knows this better than Mark Jason, who recently took over as Managing Director of Australian business brokerage, LINK.

“One of the biggest challenges has been the rapid evolution of technology from the Internet to social media such as Facebook and Twitter,” Mark says. “For some smaller brokerage firms or one-man shows the costs of running the business with all the necessary tools and capabilities just keep escalating.”

Having worked for a family business and seen profit margins decreasing as costs kept going up, Mark realised that he needed to take a new approach to how the business was run. 

“Having formulated a business plan to improve our total offering and create a national brand with high brand awareness amongst the business community, I quickly realised that I would need to either approach investors for funding or find an existing model that I could follow.”

Through his association with the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB), Mark was introduced to LINK, a brokerage firm that was the perfect model.

“Weighing my options, I soon concluded that sure, I could try and go it alone and implement my plans, but it would take me many years and even more money to realise my dream,” he says. “Or, by joining LINK I could have instantaneous access to their proprietary software, systems, and tools without having to recreate the wheel, and at the same time help the business grow.”

Having joined LINK as Managing Director in November 2014, Mark strives for constant improvement and to pass on his knowledge and systems to those in his brokerage team. 

“LINK’s mission is to connect the right business buyer with their ideal business for sale,” Mark says.

“The feedback has been that LINK is creating clear water between itself and other firms in terms of service and professionalism,” Mark notes. “And we have an uncompromising emphasis on integrity.”

The recent opening of a Newcastle office means that LINK not only has offices in Sydney, but on the Central Coast of NSW, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane, as well as one in Adelaide, making LINK the largest brokerage in Australia and a significant player on the world stage.

With the experience, energy, and enthusiasm Mark brings to the firm, it looks like LINK is set to continue to grow and fulfil its promise of the becoming a national brand in the business brokerage world.