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LINK Business Australia Annual Conference – 16 & 17 March 2016

The LINK Business Australia Annual Conference was held on the 16th & 17th of March 2016

Over 70 LINK Business Brokers from across Australia attended the first annual LINK Business Australia Conference in Sydney, on the two days.

National Sales Director, Alan Sewell, presented alongside Franchisor Managing Director, Aaron Toresen on Sales Negotiation, Presentation and Professional Development. Business Broking Guru Max Kurz discussed and debunked myths surrounding the appraisal process, National Managing Director Mark Jason presented on building a successful self-marketing campaign.

Dan Levitus gave his story, the journey from rookie to being top broker in one year – how he overcame the obstacles and his top tips to being a better broker. Guest speaker Matthew Michalewicz spoke on success, the recipe for success and how to reach it.

Breakout exercises, Q & A sessions and impromptu broker presentations made for an interactive and engaging event. 

Awards were presented to a number of brokers including Bruce Yu, Christina Li, Graham Peters, Guy Cooper, Ian Jones, Mark Scott, Matthew Page, Myron Plumb, Paul Scott, Sean Wolrige, Stuart McLachlan, Tim Craft, Troy Potter and Wim Janssen.

We further commend all of our brokers, as they have all achieved above and beyond in 2015 and these first months of 2016. LINK has the best people, best practices and best brand – giving LINK an unbridled competitive edge in the market and ability to deliver a premium broking service.