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Huge Economic Growth with the Sunshine Coast's New City Centre

The Sunshine Coast's new City Centre at Maroochydore offers business owners the opportunity for huge growth, no matter the business. It includes a large and growing market and ample investment opportunities, and it's reflective of a growing economy in the Sunshine Coast that's turning the new City Centre into an ideal place to establish a new venture.

Businesses and their customers will also appreciate the innovative design that is bringing the Sunshine Coast, and its residents, into the 21st Century. For those looking to buy or sell a business on the Sunshine Coast, now is the perfect time.

A Growing Market

Maroochydore City Centre is located in the middle of the growing Sunshine Coast market. The population in the Sunshine Coast is growing at a rate of 2.1 per cent annually, equalling an extra 470,000 prospective customers by 2036.

The Sunshine Coast is also a growing tourism destination, welcoming tourists from Australia and around the world. In the 12 months to September 2016, the amount spent by overseas visitors increased by 45 per cent over the previous year, indicative of very strong tourism growth and the general allure of the area.

Maroochydore City Centre is only ten minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport, where a new runway will be bringing visitors from Asia and the western Pacific by late 2020. With population and tourism continuing to grow, markets for business also continue to expand.

Investment Opportunities

Maroochydore City Centre is being fast-tracked to become a major economic hub of the Sunshine Coast. A lot of investment is taking place in the area from both government and private investors. The Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council are investing in infrastructure, including the airport, hospitals, light rail and residential developments, all of which increase opportunities for commercial enterprises and small businesses.

With significant opportunities for economic development and employment, private investors are looking for ways to get involved. Government initiatives are available to help streamline access to investment and development, making entry easier for both investors and those seeking funding for a new endeavour.

Innovative Design

Maroochydore City Centre is being designed from the ground up to be a 21st Century City. The innovative design includes smart city technology, submarine broadband cable and clean energy, meaning businesses in the area will be at the forefront of new technologies and have the infrastructure around them to grab even the most cutting-edge opportunities.

With the design mixing residential, commercial, retail, civic and community uses, the City Centre aims to develop into a thriving and vibrant area and a perfect place for business to flourish.

Economic Confidence

The new City Centre reflects the high levels of business confidence and will also help that confidence to grow. At 4.09 per cent from 2002-2015, the Sunshine Coast's average annual economic growth rate is higher than the national economic growth rate. The Gross Regional Product of over $16 billion makes the Sunshine Coast one of the largest regional economies in Queensland.

This all feeds the business confidence level, which is the highest level of any region in Queensland. The almost 30,000 registered businesses across the region also report the highest levels of profitability and total sales and revenue of any region in Queensland. As development progresses, opportunities in the area continue to grow.

For those looking to buy a business, the Sunshine Coast has all the elements that will make the venture a success. Sellers will find that the market is made for them as people wanting to move to the region look for business opportunities that they know will be a success.