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Franchises in Australia

It seems like every time franchises make the news, it’s not good press. Caltex have recently announced that they’re moving away from the franchise model after the Fair Work Ombudsman found that three-quarters of their sites were breaching workplace laws. Other franchises, including Domino’s, Hungry Jack’s and 7-Eleven have been embroiled in scandals over underpaying employees.

Despite the bad press, franchises are still huge in Australia and offer everyday Aussies the opportunity to own their own business. In this article you’ll find the positive facts about franchises and the benefits of owning one.

Franchise Statistics

The Franchising Australia 2016 survey found that franchises account for 4 per cent of all small businesses in Australia. The majority of franchisors in Australia are home grown, with many entrepreneurs now taking their franchises to overseas markets.

Franchises employ 472,000 Australians, and the total sales revenue for the sector is approximately $146 billion annually. With over 1,100 franchise brands, there are plenty of options for new business owners, with options including from retail, food, accommodation, administration, support services and even business brokering.

There are currently 79,000 franchise units operating around the country, and that number is expected to top 90,000 by 2020. It’s clear that there are far more franchises than those that have made the media, all helping Australians get into business and providing essential services to the community.


There are many benefits to purchasing a franchise. The biggest is the support of a big business that is provided to the small business. Franchisors take care of marketing and product development, two areas that new businesses may not be able to invest in due to financial or skill constraints.

Franchisors very often provide training to new franchisees, meaning you can start with very little experience. It may also cost less to purchase a franchise than to start a new business of the same type. Franchisees may find it easier to get finance, as banks know that the new business owner will have the support of the franchisor behind them.

With established processes, supply lines, management and work practices, it can often seem difficult to fail at a franchise. Couple this with the benefit of a reputation and image that the public already knows and trusts, and purchasing a franchise becomes an attractive prospect.

Become a LINK Franchisee

LINK recently released promising results compiled from their 2018 Franchisee, Advocacy, Commitment and Engagement (ACE) survey. Franchisees were asked a series of questions to evaluate their general satisfaction and success. These questions were sorted into categories including:

  • Franchisee Achievement
  • Franchisee Lifestyle
  • Franchisor Leadership
  • Connection
  • Franchise Partnership
  • Support

The results were overwhelmingly positive – LINK franchisees feel supported, appreciated and connected. A staggering 84 per cent would buy the franchise again, and 88 per cent agree that the business is on track for financial success.

The bottom line is that LINK franchises are successful and enjoying a tremendous amount of success both from a financial standpoint and from a lifestyle standpoint: 96 per cent enjoy running their business.

With numbers like these, it's hard to argue against the benefits of becoming a LINK franchisee. No other business broker in the world provides their franchise partners with so many resources, ranging from marketing tools to IT systems.

Despite recent scandals, most franchises in Australia are run by hard-working Aussies who do the right thing and are building Australia’s economy. New business owners may find that a franchise is the perfect opportunity for them, and with time, research and due diligence are sure to find the perfect franchise match for their business dreams.

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