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Being A Business Broker – The Best Job in the World

After a long and varied career spanning some 40 years (including shearing sheep, agricultural research, running a sheep and beef farm, production manager for an agricultural chemical plant, development, operations and general manager for a foam plastics and polyester fibres company through to owning my own cabinet making business) and for the last 13 years as a business broker I have had a great time.

As a business broker I have found the perfect job:
 - Flexible hours 
- Little weekend work 
- High earnings 
- Great company 
- Interesting clients
- Never a dull moment

What do you need to be a business broker? 
- Intelligence 
- Honesty & Integrity 
- Diligence
- Determination 
- Perseverance
- A thick skin 
- Some business experience 
- Self-discipline

With most or all of these attributes you can make a great career out of the business broking. The sky is the limit as far as earnings are concerned. If you have the above skills and apply them you can achieve earnings commensurate with the input of effort.

LINK provides the best back-up of full admin, technical and marketing support, but as your “own boss” you must control and manage your skills and this support. You must be prepared to be your own person but with all the back-up needed. You will still largely, not only be working for yourself, but also be working as part of a great team. The hours you work may be flexible, but success will not come from limited effort or a part time approach.

If you do not ‘like your own personal company’ or cannot work alone then this may not be for you. This industry needs young, energetic, skilled people coming into it, not old people like me who should retire. It is such a great job that retiring this business is really hard and it can and does generate a great income with time, energy, effort and skill. You reckon you’ve “got it” and want the “best job in the world”, call LINK today on 1300 763 668  to kickstart your new career.

Written by Richard Ridler - Business Broker - LINK Auckland, Ellerslie.