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LINK is the largest business brokerage company in Australasia, and we are committed to helping you sell your company. If you have a business for sale, trust LINK to get you the best return on your investment. The key to LINK’s selling success is our specialised brokers, who will streamline the selling process for you. Because our business brokers all specialise in particular commercial areas, they are better placed to advise you on the market climate of your industry. This kind of insider knowledge will give you the edge you need to sell your business in a difficult market. We also screen all prospective buyers to ensure only serious leads will come your way.

Our Brisbane business brokers offer a range of expertise and experience

We can also help you value your company, so you know exactly what you can expect, and we will guide you through the entire selling process. List your company with us now and discover what difference a professional brokerage company can make.

We also help the buyer find a business looking to sell

If you are interested in finding a company for sale, please view our range of Brisbane business opportunities here on our website. Thanks to our detailed buyer registration process, we are able to match interested buyers with a business for sale that is right for them. Whether you are interested in a clothing boutique, a bakery or a landscaping business, we can help you find the ideal investment.

The attraction of setting up shop on the Queensland coast

As Queensland’s bustling capital, Brisbane offers plenty of opportunity for those looking to invest. The resources boom has seen the Brisbane’s economic growth skyrocket, and a wide range of well-established white and blue collar industries flourish in the area. A newly developed industrial zone on the urban fringe has also expanded the city’s manufacturing potential. With a large domestic airport, Brisbane is a tourism gateway to the rest of Queensland, as well as an attractive tourist destination in its own right.  LINK’s catalogue of opportunities reflects the broad range of industries that the city sustains.

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For further information on our range, or what we do and how we can help sell a company, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

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Easy to Run Business, Coin Laundromat Brisbane Southside

price Price: $225,000

profit Profit*: $75,000

sales revenue Sales Revenue: $128,000

location Location: Brisbane business for sale

city City: QLD

state State: Queensland

industry Industry: Services business for sale

type Type: Cleaning business for sale, Brisbane

broker Broker: Roland West

shared Shared: 

60% / 40% Shared Commission