LINK Business Brokers Australia

Gilraj Venkatappa

Business Consultant
Office: NSW


Contractor Details: Ullal Enterprises Pty Ltd  | Lic No: 10042229

Gilraj has a Post graduate in life sciences.(M.Sc.) and served as Lecturer in Medical Microbiology for over 12 years in health science colleges including Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapist and technologist. He has also worked as Microbiologist in Laboratories and Hospitals. Gilraj has over 12 years medical and dental equipment product specialist and sales Manager.

Outside of medical and dental equipment, he has owned IT company developing websites, app and software developments. In his working history he has served as sales man, state sales manager and general manager in various companies. 

He is a multitasking individual who has a high level understand of the management of businesses, administration and accounts. Being a LINK Business corporate broker between 2008 – 2009, Gilraj has returned to LINK to pursue his interests in the medical and dental equipment industry as well as IT/app developing companies. 

As a multilingual, Gilraj can speak English, Hindi, Kannada, Tulu and Malayalam.