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Phil Smith

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Phone: +61 7 5572 2122
Mobile: +61 408 278 906
Office: Gold Coast

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Born and raised in the UK until aged 22 years when Phil decided that Australia was the country for him, on arrival with a small bag and $500 to his name, life could not have been better.

Over the past 29 years, he has gained significant experience in building, growing and selling many different business opportunities.

As part of a large roofing franchise group, Phil operated as a franchise owner running two branches.  He owned a dive charter business based in Cairns rebuilt this business, doubled the revenue and sold it after two years.  

From 1997 to 2005, Phil invested in a series of property developments which included a conversion of a commercial property into temporary accommodation blocks for up to 72 residents which he subsequently managed as well as building various ‘spec’ residential homes.

In 2006 Phil returned to the franchise business and spent six years building and training new franchise owners.  As part of the franchise operation he owned a paint manufacturing business which specialised in roofing membrane.  During this period, he invested two years in designing, developing and trademarking a roof scaffolding system that had not been seen before.   Phil created a scaffolding operation concurrently with franchise operations and ran this business for 12 months as a trial to the market.  The franchise, paint manufacturing and scaffolding businesses were all sold in 2015, although he still owned the scaffolding manufacturing rights.

In 2016 Phil purchased a restaurant and bar on the beachfront at Surfer’s Paradise, the business was not in good shape, within 12 months he turned the business around and sold it to a large NSW restaurant group.   He is proud to say, all the businesses he has owned are still operating successfully today.

As you can see, Phil has a very diverse and broad range of commercial experience as a buyer, owner and seller of businesses.  It is his intention to use the past 29 years of business ownership to the benefit of LINK customers. 

Working with you, Phil can get your business ready for sale and achieve the best possible outcome.  He believes LINK Business Brokers will give you, the seller, the right support to achieving the best sale price for your business. If you are thinking of selling give Phil Smith a call on 0408 278 906.