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Paul Mcllroy

Business Broker

Phone: +61 7 3831 2300
Mobile: +61 426 263 918
Office: Brisbane

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Paul has had a diversified range of businesses interests in the manufacturing,  financial services, hospitality as well as retail sectors over the last 25 years, and has been fortunate to gain some valuable experience.

Paul began his working life at a sign manufacturing company as a sales representative and within two years was working with many large corporate accounts such as banks, oil companies and property developers. After a five year period he was offered the opportunity to buy the business, however was keen to change direction and look for new challenges. The business was subsequently sold and he moved on.

Paul had always had a keen interest in finance decided to seek opportunities to learn as much as possible and stared a new journey with one of the large insurance and investment institution. Having received extensive training and experience, he decided to concentrate on providing investment services to clients in all wealth creation markets such as unit trusts, retirement investments as well as managed funds, but particularly in offshore funds which was a hedge against a depreciating local currency. Paul's clients were higher net worth individuals and is was of great importance to establish a sound relationship with them as investing in an offshore environment was unfamiliar to many of them as they had not had much exposure to this type of investment, due to the South African laws with restrictive exchange control regulations.

Paul saw an opportunity in the dental market and started a consumable supply company which in a short period had a client base of over 300 dentists providing the various consumable products for use in the dental surgery. He was co-founder of the company which grew from a small startup to sales exceeding several million and highly respected among the dental fraternity.

Paul decided that after having over 25 years experience in owning, managing and selling several businesses, he saw the opportunity to share what he had learned over the years and help others enjoy the same successes as he had achieved. Paul understands the needs of small to corporate sized businesses and what they need to thrive and maximise the value of their businesses.

Paul believes in a good work life balance and in his free time enjoys reading, golf and is an avid sports fan and enjoy watching most sports or better still attending the live event.