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Himanshu Shah

Business Sales Specialist
Office: NSW


Contractor Details: Heritage Business Sales and Co | Lic No: 10039105

Himanshu is an experienced LINK business broker dealing with various industries such as engineering, manufacturing, distribution to say a few and has successfully transacted number of business deals in the past.

Himanshu is a member of AIBB (Australian Institute of Business Brokers) and is part of the Education & Training committee of AIBB.

Himanshu brings 13 years of valuable experience in the service and retail industries across NSW. Himanshu has won numerous awards during his career by offering outstanding customer service and building rapport throughout the service and retail industry network.

Himanshu has owned and managed businesses in the retail and service industries such as Australia Post, newsagencies, as well as an extensive engineering career in roles such as product manager, project manager and sales manager.

Coming from a dynamic and fast paced retail environment, he understands the importance of the vendor’s hard work and their well-deserved reward upon selling the business. At the same time, he is attuned to a buyer’s dream of acquiring a valuable and profitable business. Himanshu strives to offer a strong LINK between both vendors and buyers to ensure a smooth and transparent transaction for both parties.

Himanshu is keen to establish himself as a facilitator for overseas migrants seeking business opportunities in Australia as well as helping them settle in Australia as new business owners.

Himanshu is a firm believer of integrity and a strong work ethic in order to make the business broking journey as seamless as possible.

Apart from his passion for business broking, Himanshu enjoys cricket, tennis, travel and has been involved in facilitating educational and cultural activities for a Hindu organization over the last 15 years.

LINK New South Wales

Suite 201, 28 Chandos Street

St Leonards, NSW



Himanshu Shah represented himself as sales consultant for newsagency business sale. I had a very positive feeling from the first interaction the way he kept me informed about the newsagency. He is very knowledgeable, honest, and reliable consultant.

From that point onwards he is actively provided all sales, lease & other relevant documents to take appropriate decision to secure the business. His responsibilities covered all aspects of business, sales report, market analysis, lotto training, lease documents and finally go through settlement process.

Post settlement Himanshu visited the store to make sure we are settling well with new business. Unlike other sales consultants, one thing I really like about Himanshu is time to time he calls me to check that everything is going well with the business.

We are are really pleased with Himanshu knowledge and service received during the transaction.

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Thank you Himanshu Shah for representing my business in the market and transacted it successfully.

It has been a wonderful experience dealing with you again after selling my first business in 2020. You made the process so transparent and your commitment to the clients was absolute best.
I highly recommend your professional service to anyone who would like to achieve the best outcome for their business. I wish you all the best in your brokerage journey.

Walgett LPO


It is with great pleasure and confidence that I confirm my dealings with Mr Himanshu Shah in regard to the sale of my sports construction business almost 12 months ago.

It was purely by accident that I made the acquaintance of Himanshu but from my first phone call and meeting I could tell that he was a person of high integrity and honesty and would be strong alia for what I was endeavouring to achieve.

His approach to his tasks, professionalism and thoroughness all contributed to a successful outcome for all involved.

I definitely have no hesitation in recommending Himanshu in his line of business.


Daryl Merchant.


Recently I had great pleasure of working with Himanshu as a buyer. His professionalism, commitment to exceeding customer expectations & expert knowledge in business transactions was absolute best. I found Himanshu very transparent and where I needed the support, he guided me. It was his dedication and support that made me purchase this retail business. He understood me well from the beginning. 

During COVID period having number of challenges, his support and nurturing exceeded my expectations as a buyer & was commendable. I highly recommend his services & you will be rest assured to achieve the best outcome for any business dealings.

Abinesh Singh


Recently I had the immense pleasure of working with Himanshu as a buyer. His professionalism, unyielding commitment to exceeding customer expectations & expert knowledge in business transactions was phenomenal. Most importantly, his balanced approach towards the best interest of both parties in negotiations is rare to find as a buyer  & was commendable. I highly recommend his services & you will be rest assured to achieve the best outcome for your commercial dealings. 


Hi Himanshu

I would like to thank you for introducing a number of purchasers to view the sale of the company, Rakesh Shetty was the successful purchaser of Ogis Engineering.

As a result of the introductions my company was sold and this allows me to transition to retirement.

Considering the situation with Covid I was pleased to still be able to finalise the sale, your assistance during this difficult time was appreciated.

I recommend Himanshu to anyone that is looking to sell their business or even examining the market value of their business.

I thank you for your efforts & wish you all the best.

Kevin Adler


We are writing to thank you and your broker, Mr. Himanshu Shah, for the sale of our business.

Selling a business is not an easy task.  We appreciate Himanshu for his professionalism and enthusiasm in handling the whole process.  Our Information Memorandum was nicely prepared.

He was working very hard to bring in quality prospective buyers and at the same time protect our rights as vendor.    We are very pleased with the deal and have no hesitation to recommend Himanshu to anyone that are looking to sell their business.

Thank you once again for LINK and Himanshu for your efforts.

Yours truly

Kevin and Susana Tsang