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Gerald Feickert

Business Sales Specialist

Phone: +61 2 9899 1999
Mobile: +61 421 278 308
Office: Sydney

I am a Wine Industry consultant and my focus is  on helping clients sell, buy and improve their Winery, Vineyard or Wine Industry related business. My 25 year background includes launching, managing and selling 5 of my own successful businesses, plus helping many others as a Management Consultant. Prior to joining the Wine Industry, I was a partner in a firm that built a chain of 135 Leisure businesses and successfully sold them to a larger organisation.

In the last 10 years Feickert and Co have audited and consulted to over 400 Wineries  and worked with most of Australia’s top boutique Brands. With the  Cellar Door Success program, we help clients improve their Direct to Consumer sales and are pleased to report that all clients have improved sales by at least 25% and some have doubled their sales.

Workshops form a major part of Client Development and are based on the results of thorough and ongoing consultancy with top Australian boutique Wineries

Focus is on these crucial DTC areas:

  • Getting the business sale ready
  • Developing robust systems and procedures
  • Recruiting the right staff
  • Training in Sales, Service and Communication skills
  • Developing a successful Tasting Procedure
  • Growing Clubs and Mailing List
  • Management based on KPI’s
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Email and Telesales campaigns