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Amy Li

Business Sales Specialist

Phone: + 61 2 9899 1999
Mobile: +61 403 665 058
Office: Sydney

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Amy moved to Sydney from Beijing in 2008 with her family. Before she moved her career direction to be a sales agent, she had been working as a senior finance professional in a few international companies, such as PWC, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft and Thomson Reuters. Now Amy is very proud of being an accomplished and highly motivated sales agent, because “It’s amazing when you realise you are capable of helping people change their life by providing professional service to them”. Amy enjoys facing new challenges, meeting new people, and building strong, long term client relationships. She is inspired by optimising her value to bring positive changes to all her clients.    

Her broad range of experience working in real estate, manufacturing and financial industries within a number of countries and cultures has given her the ability to understand the needs of both the vendor & the buyer.  The transactions she has successfully completed vary across a number of different sectors, including hospitality, beauty, training and education, and home decor manufacturing and retail.  

Amy speaks Mandarin and English. She has active connections with the Chinese community and also a network in China. If you would like to meet Amy to discuss your business plans, please do not hesitate to contact her. 

Calling Sydney business owners of RTO/CRICOS and Home Decor - Please contact Amy TODAY as she has potential buyers from previous sales. 


李凌, Amy, 来自中国北京,做为一名资深财务专业人士曾服务于多家跨国公司,包括普华永道会计师事务所,金佰利中国,卡夫食品和汤森路透。自2008年移居悉尼后,一直从事房地产投资顾问的工作, 业绩骄人。因为认识到商业经纪人的挑战性以及追求自我价值的充分实现从而加入到澳洲的业界领先商业买卖公司,LINK。 




一位经验丰富的商业经纪人的专业知识,可以为一个生意的买卖带来完全不同的体验, 从而达到意想不到的满意结果。比如我们可以为客户在购买一家企业时提供全方位的帮助,包括与其他企业进行比较,准备必要的信息,收集财务文件,并编制供客户查看的专业分析报告。 


Amy坚信,生意经纪人的工作目的是帮助客户实现人生规划的积极转变! 请现在就致电Amy,她正准备帮助您开创更美好的未来!那个未来也许超出您的想象!