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To uphold our high quality of service, LINK needs to work with those who will bring both motivation and expertise to our team of business brokers. It has taken us more than 10 years to gain authority, a great feat in this industry.

In selecting prospective employees it is important to find out what they wish to achieve if they are chosen for the position. LINK will likely make a choice based on how you react to certain situations and whether we believe you will work well within our team. It is important that applicants understand that they will need to support themselves during the start-up phase, between four and six months, as LINK works on a performance based compensation plan.

Since LINK Business was established in the Australia & New Zealand markets 15 years ago, we have become the go-to model for many other business brokerage firms. Thousands of businesses in the southern hemisphere have been sold using LINK’s process that makes use of the most experienced network of professional business brokers.


  • LINK has worked to become the most influential and professional broking service available for the sales of middle and high end businesses.
  • LINK strives to provide its brokers with the latest technological support to achieve better results.
  • LINK always provides professional service - especially when handling sales.
  • LINK supports a workplace that is both unique and enjoyable for the staff, recognising where rewards need to be given for individual accomplishments.
  • LINK is always investigating new approaches to gain influence locally and worldwide.

If you believe you would be an ideal candidate for our ever-growing brokering team , contact us today. 


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